Comenius /Erasmus+

Erasmus+ Project 2018-20 „Ecotourism: Take reponsibility now!“

In the next two school years, an EU-funded cooperation project with European partner schools will be held at our school again.

The title of the project is "Ecotourism: Take responsibilty now!"

The project aims to explore and reinvent ecotourism products based on innovation, competitiveness and sustainability. We also want to show the importance of new work paths based on collaborative tourism economics.

Through the collaboration of teachers and students and their exchange with tourism professionals, students improve their innovative, linguistic and intercultural skills and develop a better understanding of how we can discover valuable original places thanks to tourism, while at the same time actively promoting the preservation of the environment natural and cultural heritage. The project is carried out by a total of five European countries.


The participants and our partners are:


Institut Tarragona (Spain, Tarragona),


◦ Agrupamento de Escolas de Carvalhos (Porto, Portugal)


◦ Red Srednja poklicna in strokovna sola Bezigrad (Slovenia, Ljubljana)


◦ Lycée General et technologique privé de Kreisker (La Bretagne, France)


Our selected students, who are not only seeking cultural exchange, are interested in environmental problems and the consequences of the tourism on the environment and concerned about biodiversity, environmentalism and interested in a responsible way of travelling and sustainable development of local environment.

The students will work in collaborative international groups of students and thus widen their knowledge about the importance of youth participation and on how to encourage young people to be active and promote active citizenship through eco-tourism.

By developing ideas on how to increase an interest in eco-tourism among local communities we will gain new knowledge on the development of ecotourism for local communities.

Finally, our project products serve to share experience and best practices in creating eco-tourism related projects.

With the planned activities consisting of presentations, workshops, visits to tourist facilities and organizations during the encounters between students and teachers in the respective countries, we intend to evaluate the respective resources of each country or region from a pedagogical and economic point of view. In this context, the students' IT skills are also promoted.

Thus, current students of the 11th year are asked to participate in this two-year project. If there is a desire and interest to participate in the cooperation and preparation of phased assignments in between, five students can travel with a teacher to one of the participating countries. Likewise, they should be able to host a student from another country at home during the encounter in Marne which will probably take place in September 2019.

Training for job interviews in Italy

In November four students of our school went for the ERASMUS + project to Italy together with Mrs Friedrich. After the last meetings in Spain in March, in Norway in May and in Marne in September, all five member countries met again in Balneario Trescore, near Milan. The topic of the project is called “APPLY AND EMPLOY YOUTH – ways to enter the European job market”.


We prepared ourselves in groups for job interviews with some experts who just built up a new company.  For this challenge we were using the SWOT-Analysis to get to know our strengths and weaknesses.  It was a great chance to see how something like this could happen to us in a few years.  Beside the project work we were doing some sightseeing in Bergamo and went to lake Iseo. We took a boat to reach the island in the lake and had a walk. Furthermore, we went to a wine factory and got impressions of the job as a sommelier. At the very last evening we had a pizza dinner with all students and teachers together.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Inga Domke

2016-2018: “Apply and employ. Ways to enter the European job market“

The background to this project is the current situation regarding youth unemployment in Europe. One in five young people on the labour market in the European Union is unemployed today. The obvious reason for this problem had been the financial crisis. But there are also factors such as lack of entrepreneurial, language and intercultural skills, mismatching on the labour market, not understanding how to be a part of the whole European labour market, and the ability to promote oneself by exploring different ways of both regarding work and study. In our project we seek to minimize and overcome these obstacles and therefore contribute to a more dynamic and flexible labour market where youth unemployment will decrease. All the partners involved in this project recognized this problem of youth unemployment and together decided to take action.

By cooperation and exchange of good practices, the objectives of this project are to minimize reasons for the high number of youth unemployment. Staff, teachers and students will increase their entrepreneurial, language and intercultural skills, get a better understanding of how the European labour market works, to avoid mismatching, increase the possibility to work and study in a European context, and to increase the ability to promote oneself while looking  for employment.

The project will have five participants who by using and sharing their own qualities will contribute each one in his unique way to the future objective of reducing youth unemployment in Europe. The participants are

  • Institut Tarragona (Spain),
  • Gymnasium Marne (Germany),
  • Levanger vidaregående skole (Norway),
  • Srednja poklicna in strokovna sola Bezigrad (Slovenia) and
  • Instituto Superiore “Lorenzo Federici” (Italy).

The activities will include meetings between students and teachers, presentations, workshops, writing blogs, creation of website, putting together a dissemination plan.

2012 - 2014: "Been there, done that as a young european citizen"

In our recent project, which has started in the school year 2012/13, we work together with schools from Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and Poland. With regard to the title Been there, done that as a young European citizen! the project allows numerous possibilities of cooperation. During the two years we would like to analyze the role of young people as European citizens. Starting from what they know; school rules, their own lives, student councils and developing their awareness about the possibilities they have in their own community (village/town/area) as an active citizen. We will try to find out together how laws are made to protect young people's rights, in their own countries and even at European level. We'll put our students up in families so that they will share each other's everyday lives and exchange more.