etwinning project "language - a mantle of communication"

We are currently running an etwinning project named “Language - A Mantle Of Communication“ which is embedded in the ASEF (Asia-Europe Foundation) Classroom Network.

A group of students from grade 12 and 13 are voluntarily taking part in this project and they work together with students from numerous different countries, like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Lithuania, Croatia, Denmark, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria and France, thus enhancing intercultural understanding and communication skills

The objective of this project is to enable students to appreciate the cultural diversities embedded in languages through the examination of loanwords found in different languages. Through the understanding of why and how languages borrow lexical items from one another, students will be able to appreciate how intricate each language system works and how language contact has enriched each culture. Examples will come from a number of languages but the focus will be on English as that would connect students from different countries.

Finally, our students taking part in this project via web platforms are improving their English language skills, enhancing ICT skills while working on understanding  the linguistic and cultural backgrounds and appreciatig cultural diversity.